The fields

campo scenario garda paintball

Woodsball Field

Over 4000 square meters of field immersed in nature, where you will play exciting Paintball matches. Trees, trunks  and barriers to protect and hide from enemies’ shots. A natural environment that will challenge you in breathtaking matches.

This field is also used for Paintball Scenario matches;  for example the assault to the fort, an exclusive Garda Paintball game mode in which only the best player will be able to conquer the enemy base.

campo speedball garda paintball

Speedball Field

A Speedball field to experience the true competitive Paintball. Narrow spaces, fast paced action and adrenalinic clashes. Hiding will not serve you much. The victory will be in the grasp of the team that will have the best team play, calculated movements and constant communication.

The perfect Garda Paintball field for those who are looking for heart-rushing matches and love challenges.